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Zoeva Makeup Brush Set

The zoeva rose golden 15 piece vol. 1 complete brush set wt brush bag new auth 150 is the perfect set of 15 bristles for creating beautiful, healthy skin. The set includes a full-tang brush, a brush bag and a 15-incher. This perfect set of 15 bristles will give you all the work you need to get the job done.

Zoeva Brushes Set

Thezoeva brushes set is a great set of brushes that will help you to do a great job with your makeup, hair, and nails. The set includes a brush, a brush head, and a brush handle. The brush head has a design that helps you to get the perfect bristles up in the makeup and hair, and the brush handle has a design that helps you to move the brush over the work area quickly and easily.

Zoeva Brush Sets

The zoeva brush sets are perfect for any eye look-up! With their rose golden color, these sets will give your makeup look a pop of color. The 12 piece set includes a brush, a bag, and a policy. this zoeva brush set includes 25 face and eye make up brushes and is perfect for personal use or when working with a project. The brush set also includes azoeva histaminienne brush, which is a unique and special brush for deep down the hair on the hair line. the zoeva full set 8 brushes rose golden luxury set vol 2 is a great set for contouring or playing with layers. The brushes are medium-high powerful and are true to size. The bristles are white and are soft and smooth. The set also includes a golden brush and a rose brush. this is a comprehensive set of makeup brush sets that will help you to fullfill your concentration needs. The rose golden color istones provide softness and life to your brush strokes. The 15 pieces in all make up to a fullmasterbrushes will help you to achieve a more pronouncedetaile of makeup application. The case also includes a bag for taking to salon.