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Unicorn Brush Set

This set includes 7 makeup brushes! They are soft, luxurious, and make your beauty routine more convenient. The mermaid unicorn crystal quicksand sequins is perfect for your phone case. The pouch case also includes body wash and shampoo.

Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

The unicorn makeup brush set is a great way to get your makeup in place and keep your brush clean. The brush is soft and fluffy, making it easy to apply makeup. The set also includes a brush for pasting and a brush for setting. This set is a great way to improve your makeup application and keep your brush clean.

Unicorn Brushes Set

The unicorn makeup brushes are perfect for touched up makeup or for using in beauty spics. The bristles are colorful and get the job done, while the case makes them easy to store. the amethyst unicorn makeup brushes are the perfect mix of shape and color. Their red, blue, and yellow bristles are shaped like horns, while the colorfully crinkled become a uni-romysthes brush allows you to add a little bit of wacky life to your looks. The set also includes a donut unicornhorn shaped brush and a set of two for use on dry or dryer hair. the 7pcs unicorn makeup brushes will help you to create beautiful makeup designs with high quality sequins and crystals. The brushes are made of high quality materials and will keep your makeup looking perfect. this set of 20 bristled unicorn makeup brushes is perfect for use in your foundation, blusher face powder eye shadow brush and the like. They are also heat resistant so you can keep them in use all day long.