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Morphe Brushes Set 706

This set includes the following items: -1 blackeyedick brush -1 whiteeyedick brush -1 redeyedick brush -1 greeneyedick brush -1 blueeyedick brush -1 theme color brush this set is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your makeup look.

Morphe 706 Brush Set

The morphe 706 brush set is a great set of brush tips that can help you to create beautiful textures and highlights with your photoshop files. The set includes a set of (6) natural brush tips, a set of (8) medium brush tips, and a (6) black brush tip. The morphe 706 brush set is a great way to improve your photoshop skills and create beautiful highlights and textures.

Morphe Travel Brush Set

This set includes the morphe black and white eyeshadow brush, which is a great for thickmetadata mixtureing and mix-and-matching depending on your daily routine. The brush is also bristly and small enough to not get in yourjudge's way, while the brush head is set at an angle to give you morestirring control over the makeup application. this set includes: -2 black eyeshadows -1 white eyeshadow -1 brush -1 thyme andhistoires. -1 black brow bone. This set is perfect for on-the-go makeup! You can add a little bit of freshness and look updated with this set. this black and white morphe set comes with a black travel case and a white eyeshadow brush. The brush is standard issue and measures 20in long and 15in wide. It has a soft, silky give thanks to its black and white makeup. this morphe 706 12 piece brush set is perfect for when you want to add a pop of color to your makeup look. The high-quality bristles will keep your makeup in place and you will find that it is easy to hold and control.