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Morphe Babe Faves Eye Brush Set

This 15 piece eye brush set is the perfect way to add a touch of roughening to your thumbnail novels and sketches. The soft, black bristles are back to their standard.

Babe Faves Eye Brush Set

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Eye Makeup Brush Sets

Theeye makeup brush sets are perfect for putting over your eyes to keep your makeup off your face. The high-quality materials used in each set make up look better and are perfect for personable looking events. the morphe babe faves 15 pc eye brush set is the perfect solution for any eye brush need. This set includes 15 brushes that will help make your makeup application easier and more efficient. this set includes a eye brush and a light brown brush. The brush is soft and gentle on the skin and the eyes. the morphe eye babe faves 15 brushes makeup brush set is the perfect set of 15 brushes for applying makeup. This set comes ina box, making it easy to get to. It includes 15 bristols, making it the perfect size for most applications. The bristols are tpu coated, durable and long lasting. The set also includes a mirror and a 136$ worth of value.