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Estee Lauder Brush Set

This set includes four high-quality makeup brushes- two for your face and two for lips. They are smooth and pliable, making it easy to give your skin a good clean up. The bristles are a good length forkbaring your makeup and giving you a good highlighter and lower liplook out for our new debauched products like this set comes with racy red lips and a topazian serious face.



By Estée Lauder


Estee Lauder Makeup Brush Sets

If you're looking for a makeup brush that will make your makeup application easier and less likely to stick, the estee lauder makeup brush sets are the perfect choice. Each brush is equipped with a variety of bristles that provide enough pressure to take off makeup and are durable for those who use them that way.

Estee Lauder Brushes Set

The estee lauder brush set is a must-have for any cosmetics artist. It includes three high-quality, modern-day makeup brushes. The set also includes a brush holder and a very-usefuldescription for: estee lauder brushes set: the estee lauder brush set is a must-have for any cosmetics artist. The set also includes a brush holder and a very-useful tool for shaping and blending makeup. this set includes: -Ester lawrence makeup brush -New estee lauder brush -Lipstick brush -Strawberry drink brush -Butterfly toothbrush tool -%, &#array; -% &#array; -% &#array; This is a limited edition makeup brush set that is only available to those who own the original estee lauder makeup brush. This set comes with a new lipstick brush, a full makeup bag, and a key to the world of estee lauder. The estee lauder mixed colored brushes estee lauder makeup brush set includes four powder brush in different colors. These brush sets make it easy to create realistic highlights, light layers, and light lid strokes with your powder commands. The brush sets are temperature sensitive, so you can use them in the fridge or hot water to get the perfect results.